Our Services

The Payment Pros team will handle all aspects from your initial enquiry through to the selection of a new provider.

All with the aim of helping your business reduce the costs you currently have for accepting card payments. And the best thing – we don’t charge you for our services.

Client Enquiry

We receive an enquiry from you through our website enquiry form or by direct contact via phone. To enable us to provide our services we will require your latest monthly trading statement from your existing provider.

Requirement Analysis

We then analyse your existing provider statement. This analysis allows us to determine your exact costs across all card types, terminal costs and current acquirer fees. We then prepare a finalised summary for our partners to review.

Engage with our Partners

The Payment Pros team will then contact our range of partner providers to ask they put forward proposed solution & commercials to us. These proposals will be designed to save your business as much money as possible compared to your existing set up.

Survey Proposals

It usually takes around 2-3 working days from an Initial enquiry to  have your proposal ready for your review. The Payment pros team will consolidate all information into one singular presentation summary.

Call with the Client

A member of the Payment Pros team will then schedule a brief call to answer any questions you may have. We will outline the various choices available to your business.  Your proposal presentation will be provided on email prior to the call.

Choice Confirmed and Referred

If you are satisfied with the potential cost savings we can achieve for you, the Payment Pros team would perform an Introduction to the chosen provider. Whilst they would handle the next steps of the process, our team will always be available to answer any questions.

What happens after Payment Pros Introduce us to a provider?

Once a member of the Payment Pros team has introduced you to the selected partner provider, we look to handle all aspects of the new set up, including where applicable being on site for go live.

We support our customers on an ongoing basis, and the Payment Pros team will always be on hand to help or answer any questions you may have.


Get in touch today

If you would like to find out how much your business could be saving, complete our online enquiry form or put a call into the Payment Pros team.

We do not charge you for our  services, so feel free to get in touch today.