Card  Payments

Payment Pros are here to help businesses of every size understand all aspects of accepting card payments from your customers.

We review the below elements for every business that makes an enquiry to ensure we secure them the lowest rates.

Card Acquiring

Essentially the margin or ‘mark up’ your selected card acquirer receives as part of your relationship with them. Depending on your pricing structure, not always easy to establish & something Payment Pros can support with understanding.

Interchange Fees

Are transaction fees paid by the acquiring bank account (merchants bank) to the issuer (cardholders bank) when a card transaction is processed. This fee includes a handling fee, as well as, up to any one of 300 possible Individual charges. The current Interchange fees for Visa & Mastercard can be viewed below.

Card Scheme Fees

Card scheme fees are separate from Interchange fees. They may include any number of charges in the form of variable fees, per transaction or fixed fees. These fees are paid by the acquirer to the members of the scheme, and are difficult to establish or monitor as precise ongoing amounts.

Gateway / PSP

For those businesses with online presence and checkout (or planning to), there are a wide range of Gateway options in the market place. Payment Pros can provide thorough expertise in this area, highlighting and assessing all considerations that are specific to your business.


An important aspect of any business set up for acceptance of card payments. Considerations should be focused on rental versus ownership, assessing functionality and ongoing costs. Terminal provision can be a quick and easy way to increase bottom line savings.

Fraud & Compliance

Providers may offer certain anti-fraud features within their solution, (e.g. 3DS). Understanding these and their benefits are an important consideration. Equally PCI DSS compliance is mandated by card providers, and is usually presented as a fixed fee per month, with costs varying dependant on your provider.


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