Accepting Payments

Allow your customers to pay you however they wish. In-person, online or virtually, we offer your business the ability to accept payments whilst minimising your processing costs.


From Independent Businesses to Enterprise Clients, We Help Companies of All Sizes


“In very simple words – Payment Pros eliminates the stress and work in managing card payments. Not only have they saved us a fortune (£30,000+ per year), which no provider could do on our previous competitive rates; the implementation was very simple and professional.

Very helpful company that is always on call to help, we would highly recommend them.”


“Payment Pros were amazing at helping us understand how the card payment industry works, and how to make savings. We supplied our information and they came back with suggested significant changes to improve how we take payments.

We swapped our payment solutions based on their recommendations & made huge savings. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


“I contacted Payment Pros after being recommended by a friend. I would highly recommend their service to anyone taking card payments. The process could not have been easier, and the saving is so worth it with a super easy switch over process.

We saved over £1,000 per year switching from Natwest TYL.”


A combination of poor service from the previous provider, and the ability to save over £1,200 a year saw Horam Park Golf Club choose to use Payment Pros as their new provider.

We support many independent businesses in this way, and welcome Horam Park Golf Club as a new customer.

POS Terminals

Choose from our wide range of latest terminal technology. We provide various hardware options to select from including PAX, Verifone and Clover.

Online Payments

Through the Payment Pros gateway, your business can process all card, and alternative payment methods, through one single simple Integration.

Supplier Payment Facility

For businesses with an annual turnover of > £20m per annum, we can provide a flexible, cost effective, extension of terms for supplier invoices (up to 120 days).


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